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Listening to the Soar of Light and Wind

Exploration and Representation of Soundscape

Embark on a Unique Journey of Written Sound Along the Clues of the Metro.

This soundscaping project unfolds along the metro stations, listening to the everyday life of Taichung through the artist’s keen perception. Perhaps it’s the sound of water, laughter in the park, insects chirping, or the bustling market – each source of sound hides the unique texture of the place. Sound seekers move through space using their bodies, interpreting and creating subjectively, immersing their sensory experiences, capturing the emotions and impressions of the present moment, and expressing an aesthetic attitude and care for the land. Perhaps it can resonate with your own experiences, or maybe it can evoke different melodies. Those forgotten or passing sounds can bring a completely new sense of wonder.

These are “soundscapes in writing,” to feel the context and style within, you can try closing your eyes, following the ups and downs of each soundscaping and music, and carefully observing the subtle messages that have never been seen as the main characters. Many unintentional events and chance encounters all begin to have new meanings and reasons. Try focusing on the stories of the present moment, closely observing in the listening wilderness, and the driving emotions and connections seem to be the process of gradually awakening your soul.


In the hall of soundscapes, dancing notes waltz with your inner self, and many thoughts seem to find an outlet. All you need to do is open your ears to redefine everything. Treat your life as an adventure; enter this real and fantastical journey; experience the phenomenon of sound, meander, and coalescence in space. The interweaving of these ideas can create different landscapes and is the inspiration for soundscaping.

Soundscape Composition

Laila Fan

Nature writer, program host, documentary director, sound artist, and field recording engineer in Taiwan.

He has recorded Taiwan’s ecological environment through sound for an extended period and is dedicated to developing the listening aesthetics of the land and promoting quiet movement. He successfully initiated the “Silent Trail” project in 2013, leading to the world’s first quiet hiking trail. He founded the “Soundscape Association of Taiwan” in 2015 and has won awards such as the Lin Rong San Literary Award, the 40th Golden Tripod Award for Non-Fiction Books, and seven Radio Golden Bell Awards.

Soundscape Music

Ann Lee

Composer based in Europe, active in film scoring and classical composition, repeatedly recognized in international competitions.

He previously worked as a full-time arranger at an arrangement studio. He was involved in the composition and arrangement production of over a hundred advertisements, animated shorts, microfilms, TV dramas, and various types of music programs. In recent years, he has often been commissioned to compose and arrange for professional orchestras and artistic groups, covering chamber music, orchestral music, Chinese music, musicals, etc. He has also performed and recorded in various European countries, Australia, and Asia.