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Marching Wind- Taichung MRT Soundscape Project


Selection Description

1. Theme

2. Description

Music possesses the capacity to demonstrate local characteristics and unite memories of the times. Citizens from all over the world are invited to co-create soundscape music exclusive to Taichung. Eighteen music compositions for the 18 stations of the Taichung MRT are to be tailor-made. The first round selects 36 finalists who will be eligible to receive professional guidance from Golden Melody Award instructors, while the final 18 composers will not only receive a prize, but also have their works placed on the official website for greater publicity.

3. Prizes

Prize money: NT$30,000 (for 18 winners)

Prize money: NT$10,000 (for 18 alternates)

Those who have passed the preliminary selection by the panel of judges will be able to participate in a free workshop on Taichung MRT soundscape composition and receive guidance from professional instructors in the fields of music composition, recording and music scoring in Taiwan.

4. Selection Schedule

solicitation period

From 9th Feb to 8th April, 2023

Preliminary Selection

8th May, 2023

Creative Workshop​

28th May, 2023

Final Selection

11th June, 2023

solicitation period

From 9th Feb to
8th April, 2023

Preliminary Selection

8th May, 2023

FINAL Selection

11th June, 2023


28th May, 2023

  1. Preliminary selection: A professional jury will select 2 outstanding music pieces from each station, making a total of 36 pieces. The shortlisted candidates can participate in a music production workshop free of charge.
  2. Final selection: A selection will be made once more after revision, and 18 pieces of music will be picked for the MRT stations.

5. How to Apply

  1. Application period: February 9, 2023, 10am – April 8, 11:59pm.
  2. Online registration: Please register and upload the music files, consent form, creation description to the registration page.
  3. Individuals or teams can apply, and each person/group can compose up to five pieces of music for different stations.
  4. In the preliminary selection process, a professional jury will select two pieces with the highest scores for each MRT station, for a total of 36 entries. Candidates who are shortlisted will then take part in a workshop to receive advice and experience sharing from the tutors, after which a further 18 pieces of station music will be chosen from the shortlist in the final selection together with the remaining 18 pieces as alternates.
  5. Creators can download the “Taichung MRT Station Information” from the “Marching Wind – Taichung MRT Soundscape Project” website to familiarize themselves with the ecological and cultural characteristics of the surrounding areas of each station.

Music files

15-20 Second demos in MP3, 192kbps, stereo format

Consent form

Each creator must submit the consent form (Annex 1) in electronic format as a confirmation of originality. Failure to provide this document will be considered as a waiver of eligibility for advancement.

Creation description

Please provide a 150–300-word description of how the music you have created relates to the characteristics of the station.

6. Judging Method

Preliminary selection: 36 candidates (two from each station) are chosen by the judging panel to receive mentorship.

Preliminary Selection Scoring Criteria
A. Music production ability
B. Cultural and ecological observation of the station environment and design creativity
C. Ambient Sound Adequacy
A. Music production ability
B. Cultural and ecological observation of the station environment and design creativity
C. Ambient Sound Adequacy

Final selection: After the tutor’s guidance, a second round of judging will be held to select 18 winners from the shortlist.

Final Selection Scoring Criteria
A. Overall work integrity
B. Ambient Sound Adequacy
A. Overall work integrity
B. Ambient Sound Adequacy

*The organizer reserves the right to adjust the assessment procedures at any time depending on the actual receipt of submissions.

7. Application Requirements

  • Eligibility for Participation
  1. All music composers (groups) from home and abroad regardless of nationality are eligible to apply.
  2. Registration can be made on an “individual” or “group (no restrictions on size)” basis.
  3. Participants must attend the event’s training workshop and are willing to work with the instructor to make modifications. For group applications, at least one member must be available for the workshop.
  4. For group entries, one of the creators should be registered as a member of the website, and that person will be the contact person for the entry (it is recommended that the person with the higher percentage of copyright ownership should be the contact person). If a co-writer wishes to enter another song of their own, please apply separately for registration as a member of the website.
  5. For joint group creations, the applicant must register his/her details and list all creators, with the applicant as the primary contact person.
  6. Eligibility of Entries
  • Eligibility of Entries
  1. The entry must not contain any notation that implies the identity of the entrant.
  2. Entries must be the original work of the entrant and must not involve plagiarism or any other infringement of the copyright or other rights of others.
  3. The work has not been created on a commission by any entity for a specific purpose and may not be contracted, licensed or distributed in physical or virtual media.
  4. Submissions and related text must not contain any words or content that are malicious, defamatory, offensive or indecent.
  5. If the organizer and the jury are satisfied that the entry has not been submitted in conformity with the conditions and format specified in the project rules, the entry will be deemed unacceptable. 

8. Copyright and Right of Use

The entrant understands and agrees that from the time their entry is announced as the winner, the winning entry is unconditionally and exclusively licensed to the organizer for publicity and use without payment of any fees. The winner shall not assert any copyright in the entry against Taichung Mass Rapid Transit Corp and the license  user, and shall cooperate with the organizer in signing and complying with the terms of the consent form. Failure to do so shall be deemed a waiver of eligibility for the prize, without objection.

9. Notes

  1. The organizer reserves the right to amend the invitation for entries at any time without prior notice to the entrants by posting on the event website.
  2. The call for entries will be open for two months. If the number of entries for a particular station is insufficient or the quality of the entries is not up to standard, the organizer should publish the second stage of the call for submissions for that station for the preliminary selection in the second month of the submission period.
  3. Shortlisted candidates are required to cooperate with the workshop and the film shooting. Those who are unable to do so will be disqualified and their vacancies will be filled in order by the alternates, and the exact date of the film shooting will be announced separately by the organizer.
  4. By participating in this contest, entrants agree to abide by all the submission requirements of this project. Should an entrant fail to observe the rules and regulations of this event, the organizer reserves the right to disqualify the entrant from the competition and to recover their prize money, and the entrant shall be solely responsible for all legal liabilities.
  5. The entrant shall guarantee that all personal information provided for this event is correct and true. The organizer will not be held responsible for any delay in notifying the winner of the prize, or for any delay in sending the prize or for the misdelivery or loss of the prize during the mailing or delivery process due to inaccurate membership information provided to the Taichung MRT Soundscape Project website.
  6. Creators under the age of 18 must hand in a “Legal Guardian’s Consent Form” (Annex 2).
  7. The organizer may adjust the deadline from time to time depending on the demand for submissions.
  8. Applicants who have any concerns about the rules should contact the organizer via the event website or email 3 days before the closing date. After the results of the selection and the winning list have been released, applicants shall abide by the decision of the jury.
  9. If the organizer and the jury are of the opinion that the entry has not been submitted in conformity with the conditions and format specified in the project rules, the entry will be deemed unacceptable.
    The organizer will not send back or return any entry, regardless of whether it wins a prize or not. Entrants should retain the original manuscript of their entries and should not request the organizer to provide the content of their entries for any reason.
  10. Winners are required to cooperate with the organizer in filling out relevant paperwork. Prize money recipients must comply with the relevant laws and regulations of Taiwan, and the organizer will withhold and pay taxes on their behalf. If the winning entry is a joint work, the winner shall decide on the distribution of the monetary award.
  11. The winner of this contest will be deemed to have forfeited the award if he/she has won in another competition and has licensed the winning entry to another organization.
  12. If the organizer disqualifies a participant from the award for any reason, the organizer has the right to decide whether or not to have an alternate fill the vacancy in order, and no participant may object.
  13. The organizer only provided the prize money for the winning entry and does not provide any additional fees for the production of the music.
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