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Soundscape Composition

Soundscape Description

This is the city’s prime area, where land prices are exorbitant, and every inch of land is valuable. However, what you can hear here is the actual indigenous inhabitants of this land, which are the chirping of crickets. They have been residing on this land for a long time, and you can only hear their faint, ancient voices after the traffic noise subsides. Of course, you can also hear the laughter of people walking their dogs on the large grassy area in front of the city hall.

The Sound of the Earth

Taichung City Hall

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Soundscape Music

Creative Discourse

The focus of the music composition in this section is to echo the concept captured by Professor Laila Fan’s soundscapes – the actual indigenous inhabitants of the land, which are the sounds of crickets. Therefore, this piece of music utilizes the mouth organ of the indigenous Atayal tribe from Taichung and combines it with the chirping of crickets, creating a duet. Additionally, it incorporates a melodic motif played on the xylophone, evoking an ancient and layered musical atmosphere.