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Light-vented Bulbul
Tracing Old Temples and Ancient Waterways

This landscape was a canvas of lush rice paddies a century ago, with quaint villages nestled quietly among the fields. As urbanization took hold in recent years, this region has managed to preserve its historical gem – the 200-year-old Nansine Temple, infusing this land with deep-rooted religious devotion and cultural heritage.

Venture deeper into the labyrinth of alleys, and you’ll encounter Bilu 1st Lane, a pathway to uncover the remnants of ancient waterways. This locale marks the inception of the Liuchuan and Luchuan Canals, renowned as “Leigongbian” due to their abundant water sources and notable elevation changes, which used to create a thunderous symphony as water cascaded through tranquil alleyways. While the landscape has evolved, the existence of these waterways continues to bear a powerful testament to the area’s historical narrative.

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Egrets Wading In Water
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