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Wenxin Forest Park
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White-eared Sibia
An Oasis of Arts Amidst the Urban Hustle

Wen-Xin Forest Park, nestled within the heart of the bustling urban landscape, is one of the three prominent parks along the MRT line. What sets it apart is the presence of the largest outdoor circular theater in Taiwan, infusing an artistic essence into this vibrant urban surroundings. Amidst rolling meadows and verdant groves, Wen-Xin Forest Park emerges as a sanctuary for urban birds like the Muller’s Barbet, Japanese White-eye, and Light-vented Bulbul, transforming Wen-Xin Forest Park Station into more than just a transportation hub but also a place where one can fully embrace the changing seasons and discover moments of tranquility.

Arriving Station Music ”Preferred”
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Woodland Echoes
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Whimsical Reverie