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White-eared Sibia
Embark on a Cultural Journey Through Time

Nantun Old Street, often referred to as the “First Street of Taichung,” bears witness to the developmental history of Taichung City. Originally a settlement of the Babuza people, it gradually saw the arrival of Han Chinese settlers during the Qing Dynasty, engaging in the production and sale of agricultural tools, hence earning the name “Plowhead Street.” Strolling along this street lined with well-preserved red-brick buildings from the Japanese colonial era feels like a journey through time, transporting you back to the past. At the end of the old street stands the Wanhe Temple, a centuries-old temple dedicated to the Meizhou Mazu, also known as the Big Old Mother. Here, you can immerse yourself in the ancient and traditional ambiance while listening to the stories of bygone eras.

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Old Street Impressions
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Nantun Notes