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HSR Taichung Station
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Mountain Scops Owl
The Origin and Destination of Life

A ritual that repeats throughout life between the starting point and the journey’s final destination. The intersection of the MRT and Taiwan High-Speed Rail bears witness to the comings and goings of every traveler in Taichung. Similar to chapters in one’s life, the transitions between the Mass Rapid Transit and Taiwan High-Speed Rail serve as a shared meeting point for the city and its people.

Within this emerging redevelopment zone, the cityscape is rapidly evolving. New residences and shopping malls have sprung up, closely connecting with the residents of Taichung, seemingly ushering Taichung into a new era. The city’s story continues to unfold here.

Arriving Station Music ”Preferred”
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Melodic Flows of the High-Speed Rail
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Merriment by the Creek