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Beitun Main Station
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White-breasted Waterhen
The Urban Fabric Where the Old and the New Coexist

In this region, we witness a captivating blend of old and new elements within its urban landscape. This unique tapestry encompasses early settlements such as Dingjiushe, Xiajiushe, and Goubei near the Han River and remnants of historic irrigation canal channels. Goubei is one of central Taiwan’s most prominent battlegrounds of Yi-Wei War in 1896.

Nevertheless, as we step into the 2010s, the development and acquisition projects of the Beitun Depot Area have gradually transformed these ancient settlements into modern urban spaces. Although the original aesthetics have faded, some precious cultural treasures, including the Zhao’an Hall and the Osaka-style tobacco factory, remain timeless witnesses to the area’s rich history.

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