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Wenxin Zhongqing
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Crested Goshawk
The Vibrancy of Local Markets

In days of yore, this area bore the name Shuinan, stemming from the numerous water canals that encircled early settlements. This region boasted abundant water sources and fertile, soft soil, with “nan” in the Minnan dialect signifying “overflow,” thus giving rise to the name Shuinan. During the Japanese colonial period, Shuinan Airport took flight, serving as a base for the Japanese Kamikaze Special Attack Units.

Despite the sands of time shifting, the traditional Shuinan market continues to exude an effervescent market charm. Fresh vegetables, fruits, and seafood beckon amidst the lively calls of vendors, infusing every corner with vibrant energy and bustling trade.

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Convergence of Shuinan
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Shuinan Waltz