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Taichung City Hall
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Swinhoe's white-eye
A Tapestry of Diverse Cultural Heritage

The City Hall Station, nestled beside the City Hall office building, is enveloped by expansive green parks, where residents can partake in strolls, engage in sports activities, and revel in the beauty of nature. It offers a serene sanctuary for respite and hosts many cultural and entertainment events, making it an ideal gathering point for social interactions among residents.

On the path to the National Taichung Theater, you’ll encounter the Huilai Fude Temple, a historical gem spanning 300 years, nestled amidst ancient trees that exude a rich cultural aura. As you traverse Charlotte Park, the harmonious symphony of crickets and various insects reverberates across the grasslands, infusing the vicinity of City Hall Station with diverse natural soundscapes and a cultural ambiance.

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City Hall Station_A Nexus of Culture and Arts